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Hvor jeg skal

Se hvor reisen min går

Jeg begynner i Bergen, mellomlander i Qatar før jeg ender opp i Beijing, Kina.

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Up and running

MongoKongo is up and running!!

"I've been meaning to write this post for a LONG time, so today I sat myself down with a few cups of coffee and just got started. This post is meant to be a pretty basic 'How To' guide to creating your own customized template for your Travellerspoint blog. To do so, I'll be updating the Travellerspoint blog template at the same time and documenting how to make similar changes to your own blog. I won't be going into detail with all the small changes needed to make our design work, but giving information on what to change to get a different background color and header image, font, text size etc. This is a really long post so I might have to create a synopsis at some stage of some of the main things you might want to update. We'll still be working out kinks over the next few days/weeks, so please let us know if you find any bugs!"


Basic background info
There's a few different tools which we'll use to achieve this customization. The main one is called CSS which stands for Cascading Style Sheets. Essentially the entire design of each blog on Travellerspoint (and most other decent well coded blogging systems) is controlled by a page of CSS. By making changes to that page, the entire look and feel of the blog can be changed while leaving all the content exactly the same.

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